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Open Source Projects

Here you can find our portfolio. Listed are the projects we have lots of experience with and which are of particular interest for Industry 4.0 applications. The services we and our partners can offer for these projects differ by content and type.

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Apache PLC4X

The Apache PLC4X project aims to provide a variety of software libraries which facilitate the communication with any industry hardware (PLCs) while offering a unified interface. Contrary to OPC UA the native protocols of the controllers are being used which makes retrofitting usually unnecessary.

Apache IoTDB (incubating)

The Apache IoTDB (incubating), database for the internet of things (IoT), is an integrated data management engine created for data structured in timeseries. It offers services for data collection, storage and analysis and was developed especially for the requirements of modern IoT solutions.

Apache StreamPipes (incubating)

Apache StreamPipes (incubating) as a IoT self-service toolbox, which enables non-technical users to produce, process and analyze IoT data streams.

Eclipse Ditto

Eclipse Ditto is a software solution to produce digital twins. A digital twin is a virtual, cloud-based representation of a real counterpart (for example sensors, facilities, intelligent heaters, connected cars, smart cars, ...).

Eclipse Hawkbit

Eclipse hawkBit is a domain-independent backend framewok to deploy software via IP network infrastructure on edge devices as well as powerful controllers and gateways.

Eclipse Vorto

Language for digital twins - helping to gain a better understanding of your machine data.


IndustryFusion is the first manufacturer independent Open Source solution that provides interoperable connection of machine, plant and cloud platform.


The goal of babylon.js is to create one of the most powerful, beautiful and simplest web rendering engines. By means of babylon.js it is very easy to create elaborate 3D representations of existing tools and machines.