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Our partners

We rely on Open Source because we know communities work! For this reason, industrial-opensource offers a network of partners with who we can support customer projects in every aspect. Our partners are either active in Industry 4.0 or in Open Source projects which are supported by us.
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pragmatic minds GmbH

Pragmatic minds GmbH initiated and coordinates the Industrial Open Source network. As a startup, we accompany small and medium sized customers in the machine construction business since our founding in 2015 with various digitalization projects. For our own technology we build on a variety of Open Source projects and actively participate in their development. Website ...



Our partner for machine connectivity, its CEO Christofer Dutz is the initiator of the Apache PLC4X project and as such likely the most qualified company for this project. C-Ware provides a point of contact in Hessen. Website ...

Tsinghua-University Peking

The original developer of IoTDB before it was open sourced, with significant expertise with IoTDB.

Institute for control technology at the Universty of Stuttgart

The institute is activein a variety of open source projects, including ApachePLC4X.

LTSoft Agentur für Leittechnik-Software GmbH

Active developer at the Apache PLC4X project and our partner for process technology, as well as our point of contact in colone.

FZI Research Center for Information Technology

The open source project Apache Streampipes (incubating) was developed at the FZI before being transferred to the Apache Software Foundation. The FZI has vast experience with developing customer oriented digitalization solutions.


ConnectorIO is specialized in building networking and Building Management Systems. (BMS). connectorIO relies on open source.

Animotion Media

Animotion Media is specialized in technical visualizations. With the open source project Babylon.JS, CAD data can be turned into digital twins which can be viewed in the browser and combined with real process data.

oeconos GmbH

For digital business models, not only the technical implementation is important, but also the integration into a company. For this reason we frequently work with Oeconos GmbH, with who we have accompanied many customers in a variety of digitalization projects.

Marco Niebling Coaching

Open Source and digital transformation, require changes. These changes need to be accepted by employees. Marco supports companies as a coach for new work and self management, to integrate everyone into the process.

​Hengstler ​Stöhr Rechtsanwälte, Rechtsanwalt Arndt Hengstler

For all legal questions, from licensing to legally compliant data storage and usage of (customer)-data, to setting up the necessary contracts for digital business models, Arndt Hengstler is an experienced expert for IT law.


Andreas Schulz is a machine construction engineer and engineer whisperer. Driven by his passion for #industrie40 and #artificial intelligence, he runs a blog under since 2014. As one of our favourite bloggers he supports us with keeping small and medium companies informed.

Plain Schwarz UG

Plain Schwarz is an event agency with a. focus on Open Source events, and therefore our partner for events for all kinds.

Spitzmüller AG

The digital transformation, particularly for small and medium businesses, often comes with significant financial risks. A variety of financial support instruments provided by the state exists, with which development can be financed. With thee Spitzmüller AG as a partner, we can provide you with information about all financial support opportunities for our services.