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pragmatic minds GmbH and our partners support you with any questions and problems surrounding the usage of Open Source for industrial applications and beyond.

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Depending on how much your company has engaged with Industry 4.0, IT and Open Source and how much further it intends to, your requirements are very likely to be varied. Do you want to be informed on projects and Open Source based Industry 4.0 solutions for your requirements? Are you interested in certain projects and need assistance in integrating it in your business? Or are you using some projects already and need a reliable partner for support and service level agreements? We can assist you in the design and creation of your very own Industry 4.0 solution as well as the usage of Open Source in this area.

Do you have a specific issue or an idea we could help you with? Or would you like an insight into the possibilities? Contact us and we’ll discuss the best options for you.


* Our web-offering as well as our services are purely for informational purposes and do not present legal advise as such. Binding legal advise will only be performed by expert lawyers.