Why Open Source

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Utter Control

Open Source allows you to pick and choose in your own time, allowing you to decide which features you want to implement yourself and which ones you want to buy from third party vendors.

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Early Bird Advantage

Open Source has taken the lead in development and sets industry standards. Taking advantage of Open Source allows you to stay on top of a swiftly moving industry.

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Shared Effort

Many problems in modern industry are shared by various participants, Open Source allows you to solve common issues together with others.

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Get Started

Get going right now and improve your solutions and results iteratively.


Traditional IT has long since recognized the advantages of Open Source. Why should the industry not profit from the same benefits?

The major players in the field of Open Source are well known. Many large companies use it and base their products on it, participating and initiating new projects. Many of the most notable and valuable companies in the world rely heavily on Open Source, such as Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Facebook or LinkedIn..

One of the biggest advantages of Open Source is the fact that modifications to suit ones own purposes and needs. However, especially in the beginning of integrating Open Source solutions into ones company, support from professional and experienced actors can significantly reduce difficulties and provide guidance for a good start into the transition. This network of experienced Open Source professionals has been working on making their passion reality every day for years. Become part of it!


Who are we?

We are a network of companies, primarily from the IT sector, who have been involved with digitalization and Industry 4.0 for years. We decided to form the Industrial Open Source network to offer our customers solutions tailormade for their specific requirements.

Digitalization projects are not only a matter of technology, but also people. Business models based on it will fail if employees are not convinced of them and therefore can’t convince customers. Therefore, the Industrial Open Source network also has specialists and consultants for digital business models and change management on board who can assist you and your employees.

Why is Open Source so important to us? Historically, there have been reservations to using it in the industry. Therefor we want to assist in reducing these prejudices via information and examples. Here we make our services available as points of contact for the industry for all questions regarding Open Source. Just as every large IT project is nearly unthinkable with Open Source, this is also true for nearly any Industry 4.0 project

You can find more about our members on our partner page.

* Our web-offering is only informational and is not legal advise. Binding legal advise for your specific situation will only be performed by expert lawyers.


  • At pragmatic industries GmbH, we develop software to help machine operators to run their machines more efficiently. Our software stack is largely based on open source components. We are in constant communication with various partners in the Industrial Open Source network and rely on their support.
    Dr. Sebastian Finkel
    pragmatic industries GmbH
  • The usage of various Open Source Projects allows us to improve our production processes permanently, and enables us to deliver highest quality to our customers. We have been cooperating for years with the pragmatic industries GmbH and have always felt well advised.
    Robert Krause
    Inacore GmbH
  • The department of Quality Science uses Open Source software because of the low operating cost, high innovation potential and good documentation. In prior research projects, a Big-Data framework for the purposes of consistent, transparent storage, administration and analysis of large amounts of data was created from Apache Hadoop, Spark and Kafka, which is being used and maintained in present projects.

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